Monday, 20 April 2009

700,000 videos indexed

We have now reached 700,000 videos indexed, not quite the million we are still aiming at, however its a true number (unlike a few other sites we could mention...).

We have been working on our search engine and we have added the ability to search/match on any word, search on all words or search on a phase, thi sapplies to the videos title, any text on the page containing the video, any tags, the url of the video, and any meta description (if applicable)

For example: the search query "busty sex in office" with a match set to any will match on relevance based on any of the words, with those with all words matching first but the total number being the videos with any of the words, matching for all will return only those videos that have all the words. A phase match will match only where an exact phase exsists, thus only a videos that has the words "busty sex in office", in the same order will be returned. We hope this is useful for finding exactly what you want.

We had an outage this morning for around 4 hours, this was due to our db needing some tuning as our site usage has increased by around 600% over the last couple of days. We appoligise for this, please note we do take any outage very seriously and work (if needed) around the clock to keep the show on the road.

We are always looking for comments and suggestions on how to improve our site, or if you are a webmaster to create traffic parnerships.

All the Best

The Pordeo Team

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Announcing Pordeo

We have launched pordeo to provide a search engine portal for finding porn videos, we aim to go live with this site on Friday 19th February with circa 500,000 videos indexed from around 35 main porn video sites.